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As part of Embley’s National Poetry Week this year, Year 9 took part in a War Poetry Competition. The winning poem ‘The rabbit and the boy’ written by Hannah was selected to be included in the school’s Remembrance Service held on 11 November. The following students were highly commended for their poems: Annabelle, Indi, Catlyn, Yasmin, Tegan, William, Edward, Ken, Oli, Ellie, Ollie and Isabella.

The rabbit and the boy

A few metres away lay a boy, 
His face was blank, and his eyes like glass.
He looked out of place with these monsters, living to destroy.
The air was thick with the enemy’s gases,
And heavy with dread.
When will it be time to drop this gun I must wield?
So many thoughts, playing out scenarios in my head,
Until I’m distracted by something out in the field.
My heart begins to race,
It seems to be an animal, but it’s just a blur.
What is this creature doing, so out of place?
Then I notice it has white fur,
A rabbit, so naïve.
I want to scream, tell it to go back home,
So, unlike mine, it’s family won’t grieve.
It’s too late for those like me that decide to roam.
This innocent victim,
A wrongly accused criminal,
The death they think is minimal,
It’s all just lie,
This world isn’t fair
The rabbit will die,
It’s too much to bear.

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