Our Year 1 children are having a great term so far. Each morning, along with pupils from Nursery, Reception and Year 2, they work hard at developing their phonic skills. In these sessions, teachers and teaching assistants lead children through the Read, Write, Inc phonics programme. Click here to to find out more about the programme

In Maths sessions, Year 1 have been developing their knowledge of one and two digit numbers and in Geography sessions they have been thinking about the local area and studying maps. ‘Ourselves’ is the Year 1 Science topic and in these sessions children have been exploring different senses. Thinking about hearing and sounds, the class went on a listening walk, identifying sounds they could hear around school. Exploring taste was fun as children got to try and describe lemon, Marmite, honey and milk!

A trip to Milestones, Hampshire’s museum of living history, was a fun day out of the classroom. Children were able to play with and explore toys from the past, a great introduction to the new topic work for Year 1.


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