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As part of our Wellbeing Week, each day we are providing information and links to useful articles about how members of our community can improve their wellbeing. 

Wellbeing Week: Day 1

With Embley’s very first Wellbeing Week underway, we are aiming to encourage all members of our community to take the time to consider and improve their wellbeing. The umbrella term of wellbeing can be split into four areas: emotional, mental, physical and social.

Many health charities and organisations have identified five steps for us to follow which can lead to improved wellbeing.

Follow this link to learn more about the five steps and how you can put them into practice in your everyday life.

We also particularly like this article which focuses on helping teens build their sense of self-worth.

Wellbeing Week: Day 2

Yesterday we saw that many charities and health organisations recommend 5 steps to lead us to improved wellbeing. One of those steps is ‘connect’. This interesting article explains the importance of relationships and provides us with some practical ideas to build and maintain our personal relationships, as well as developing a sense of belonging in our wider communities.

Wellbeing Week Day 3:

Another of the five steps to wellbeing is ‘give’. This article explains the broad social benefits of volunteering and the reciprocal personal benefit to the wellbeing of those who volunteer.

At Embley, pupils are encouraged to provide a service to others, through the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, trips such as the World a Challenge and Ghana expeditions, and even through volunteering to represent their tutor group on the School’s committees.

Wellbeing Week Day 4: 

Taking notice or being mindful is another of the steps to promote wellbeing. At Embley we offer mindfulness as a co-curricular activity. Currently, our Sixth Form pupils are taking a course of a Mindfulness sessions as part of their enrichment programme. explains the benefits of mindfulness and how to get started.


Wellbeing Week Day 5: 

We all understand the benefits of being fit and eating well for our physical wellbeing. But regular exercise can make a huge difference to our emotional wellbeing too. This article discusses the positive impact exercise can have on stress, anxiety, and even depression.

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