“If you haven’t already had a look at The Hampshire Times, you should. It is our school’s digital newspaper, brilliantly set up by our Deputy Head and with a team of budding student journalists who have already written many articles, ranging from ‘Should Drill Music be Allowed?’ to ‘The Importance of Philosophy’. It’s available on our Digital Learning Spaces.

I have contributed an article, ‘The Book That Changed My Life’, in honour of World Book Day on Thursday 7th March.  I would really like it if students, staff and parents could contribute to this column ‘The book that…’.  It could be ‘The book that got me hooked on reading’ or ‘The book that made me cry/laugh out loud’ or even ‘The book that made me stop reading’ (if you insist!). It doesn’t have to be too wordy – just a short paragraph will suffice.

If you would like to revisit ‘The book that…(please fill in the gap)’ and email your paragraph about your experience to me, Ms Stoyle, Head of English, you could see it published in our prodigious newspaper!”

Ms Stoyle, Head of English 

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