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After a recent trip to watch a performance of ‘The Girl on the Train’ at The Mayflower Theatre, students Ellen, Charlie & Amy wrote the following review.

Rachel Watson, a daily commuter to London, catches glimpses of what seems to be a perfect couple, Scott and Megan, from her train window. One day Rachel sees something from the exact same house but this time Megan was with a different man. Rachel tells the authorities what she thinks she saw after learning that Megan has gone missing and is feared dead. But is her memory trustworthy? After all she is also an alcoholic, does she only remember what she wants to remember? Rachel, the troubled woman, begins to investigate Megan’s disappearance and death and even becomes involved with her husband. The police start to suspect that Rachel is behind it all but what happens when people start to fill Rachel’s mind with ideas? Especially people she has trusted for a long time.

While the lighting was kept very simple, the staging was extremely detailed. Each room was built on wheels, which were pulled in and out depending on what was needed for the scene. Each room was built to look like a real place in the character’s house, including the smallest details like old bottles on the counter and books on the shelves.

The therapy scenes contrasted the rest of the set as the stage was completely clear, with two seats lowered from the ceiling attached to wire and directly facing the audience. This made these scenes really stand out from the rest of the play and drew the audience to concentrate on the stories being told.

Our favorite scene was when the heroine argued with her ex-husband’s wife, Anna, in what was once her home too. She was looking for facts. She suspects that her ex-husband, Tom, killed Megan and she realises that Anna must also have known but just didn’t say anything. She hoped that Anna would expose her husband. However, Anna chose to be silent for the sake of her family and children. She just wanted to protect her baby, because her child is the most important thing to her, to every mother. Rachel couldn’t comprehend this and thought they would all be safer without him. We found it particularly interesting as this phenomenon is actually very common in real life; women, and parents in general, will always be willing to do everything and anything to protect their children and families, no matter what.

This dramatic and mysterious play is definitely worth watching and the dramatic climax will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.

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