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Virtual Admissions


This Week, some students from Year 11 and Year 13 took a thrilling trip to Westminster Central Hall for a politics conference entitled ‘Britain at the crossroads: what about strength, stability and the future?’ This was a very informative and interesting conference with talks from top politicians including Nigel Farage (MEP), Jacob Rees-Mogg (MP), and Sir Alan Duncan (MP/and former Foreign Office Minister), Emily Thornberry (MP and Shadow Foreign Secretary) and Chuka Umuna (MP).

After each informative talk there was an opportunity for students to ask questions. Phillip, a Year 11 student at Embley, asked a very interesting question to Emily Thornberry: “Due to rising tensions in the Crimea and the growing strength of Russia and China, should we be increasing our armed forces activity and budget?” Emily replied that: “The biggest threat coming from Russia is not the tank’s but rather the cyber attacks.” Phillip said that this was partly the response he was hoping for, however she did not answer his question directly.

The students agreed that it was beneficial to have MPs attending the event who were of different age groups and different parties and beliefs. They thought that Chuka Umuna and Nigel Farage were the most interesting to watch because they both had strong opinions and beliefs about what Britain should do about Brexit. The students admired how the MPs spoke their minds on what they truly believed.

Overall, this was a truly amazing experience for us to have and we all loved every second. 

By Mrs Louise Pears, Politics teacher 

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