Thirty Year 10-13 students experienced a very different London to the tourist-like place we know. The whole trip was based around Politics and the relationship between the Church and the Government, visiting Parliament, not to mention learning about our history. – By Katie, Year 11

First we went on the London Eye, which of course was very exciting, if maybe just a little bit high. We were very fortunate to have clear blue skies, so we could view the whole of London and the Parliament building which we were about to visit.

Next we went into a Committee Room in the House of Lords to see the Head of Parliamentary Affairs for the Church of England as well as The Bishop of Chelmsford; we asked lots of questions and they answered everything in good detail.

During a tour of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, we were able to see the debating chambers (which was awesome), witness the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, conducting a Humble Address in the Lords and see where the suffragettes tied themselves to the statue Lucius Cary, 2nd Viscount Falkland (which, as a feminist myself, I thought was amazing).

Then we took part in a workshop on elections with the Parliamentary Education Unit. This consisted of making our own elections in teams, which was very entertaining, and then completing a quiz. Finally, we met Caroline Dinenage, Member of Parliament for Gosport, which was truly inspiring. We asked lots of questions, which she answered efficiently and effortlessly. I think she made a big impression on all of us and our knowledge and understanding of Politics is the better for it.

I also think it’s amazing that, one day, we will tell our children about how we were in Parliament on the day the Cabinet approved the Brexit deal and the Lords celebrated the Prince of Wales’ 70th birthday. So overall, a very good day was had by all. I’m sure in a couple years you’ll see the news and realise we are the voices of the future.


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