On Wednesday 20 March, Uri, Gabriella, Joseph and I were invited to go on a trip to Oxford University to take part in a Salters’ Chemistry competition with Year 8 students from other schools.

Our first challenge was to use Chemistry to find a ‘murderer’. We tested some white powders and inks, and then we compared them with the ones that were found on the scene of the crime. Our team came third out of 20 schools.

For the second challenge we needed to copy a circuit and then create a circuit breaker using the reaction of acid with magnesium, so that when we turned the circuit on and added acid to the sticks it would dissolve the sticks slowly. We needed the acid to dissolve the sticks in approximately two minutes and 30 seconds. Unfortunately, something went wrong with our tests and our circuit stopped after three minutes and 19 seconds.

After the second challenge we went to another building and a man showed us some amazing experiments.

Written by Ana, Year 8

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