Coronavirus - Covid-19 Update

Virtual Open Morning - Tuesday 16 June and Virtual Admissions


At Embley our pupils experience a wide range of curriculum lessons; teachers plan for lessons to vary in content and delivery so as to engage all children and cater for their learning styles. Over the last few years we have been enhancing the teaching and learning of Science in Prep. Science teaching has become very hands on, with lots of practical experiments then discussions and evaluation of what went well? What happened? Why? What have we learnt? 

Earlier this term, Prep pupils experienced a ‘Space’ themed Science week. This involved children taking part in various space activities, we were visited by a member of staff from the UK Space Agency and even lunches took on a space theme! To build upon the interest of the pupils and their learning, Mr Bown organised a Star Gazing evening.

The evening was led by the Hampshire Astronomical Group (HAG) who brought with them two amazing telescopes (one automatically locates satellites and stars via a clever GPS system). Pupils and parents were able to look carefully at stars, and see in great detail the moon’s surface, and before the clouds hit many got to observe Saturn and its rings. The knowledgeable HAG staff led discussions about constellations, white dwarfs, meteors, cataclysmic stars and nuclear explosions. As the evening came to an end pupils were treated to a glimpse of a Chelyabinsk meteor specimen.

“We loved being able to share the night sky with the children and parents and we look forward to doing it again in the future.“ Prof. David Scanlan, FRANS 

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