Covid-19: Providing Continuity of Learning

As the Spring term drew to a close the English Department announced the winners of Embley’s Sonnet Competition. Head of English, Mr Bowyer thanked everyone who entered and pitted their wits against rhyme scheme, iambic pentameter, the elusive volta and the rhyming couplet!

He commented: “The best entries had a sense of something ephemeral, but nonetheless, recognisable as part of life, as all great poetry does. Well done to all the winners.”

Emily was one of the Year 9 winners. Her sonnet is below:

Shall I compare thee to a bright red rose?
Known only for thy beauty and passion
No age nor sickness know thee like I do
No winters frost touches thy pretty face
Sometimes the eye of heaven shines too bright
And often I’m blinded by thy beauty
No fairness reaches anybody else
By chance I crossed your carefully trimmed path
Thy eternal summer shall never fade
Nor lose possession of eternal youth
Nothing does harm thee til death do us part
Time does not pass through thy beauty or love
So long as men can live and eyes can see
So long lives the rose and gives live to thee

A special mention was given to Mrs Swann, who wrote this delightful sonnet in celebration of her Year 7 tutor group:

Shall I compare you to a summer’s day?
Nay, you are much brighter and funnier!
Facts and knowledge do spring from you like rays
And commendations flood in from teachers.
Often are you on iPads to be found,
Watching YouTube or chatting to your friends,
doing art, even playing in the grounds,
Diligent study til the school day ends.
Oh the mouth-watering food baked weekly
So much fun had in music and drama,
Completing fair English tasks uniquely
Now in school and not home with your llama!
Such talent and kindness are rare to find
What a great group of people are combined! 



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