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Virtual Admissions


We are delighted to have welcomed many new pupils to Embley this September, and we are very excited to be setting off on a new adventure together. However, we understand that for some children starting a new school can feel just a little bit daunting.

We can already see that the majority of our new children are settling well, but we know that there are a few who are not quite there yet. By now your child’s tutor will have reached out to you, and parents of new Senior School pupils will be able to meet their child’s tutor at the Garden Party next Friday 20th September.

One of the best ways we can help our children feel like they belong is to encourage them to join in with activities and clubs. We are sociable creatures and we form the strongest bonds through shared experiences and fun. At Embley we want every pupil to be involved in something outside the classroom. This allows them to try new things and take steps forward in their personal development, but also to meet new people and invest in their relationships with peers and teachers. Sit down and chat with your child about what they are getting up to and involved in at school. You can start a conversation with them that you can continue with your child’s tutor at the Garden Party next week.

As parents and teachers it is important that we allow our children the opportunity to experience and deal with change because of course, they will encounter it time and time again in their lives. We have to find the balance between trying to remove obstacles and allowing our children to negotiate them and in so doing build their resilience. We can help them understand that any initial anxiety and reluctance to embrace change is perfectly normal, and that in time, these feelings will lessen and pass.

Feeling settled and part of the community is a bit like Easter, a moveable feast, but it will come to everyone. Keep in touch with us and let us know if we can help. We are privileged to be on this journey with you.

Mrs Leah Goodey, Assistant Head, Pastoral 

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