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Virtual Admissions


Senior School

At the heart of our carefully designed Senior School curriculum is a stimulating and engaging learning experience. Academic rigour ensures our students feel both success and challenge on a daily basis while receiving the support and recognition they deserve. Our teaching and learning strategy is evidence and research based, using proven methods that enable every child to achieve their best. This strategy is supported by an innovative approach to the use of technology, which is shaped by our nationally recognised and award-winning leaders. 

Class sizes are small and tailored to monitor and assess each child on a regular basis. We ensure that every student is in the right class for their individual strengths and needs, where they will be stretched at an appropriate pace and there is scope for their evolving skill set. 

Our idyllic surroundings in 130 acres of woodland and parkland provide the setting for a range of opportunities that is simply second to none. Ours is a school that values effort as much as achievement, confidence as much as compassion, and pride as much as reflection. Our students don’t just learn a wide canon of knowledge and array of skills, they also learn about learning and the subject-specific strategies they can adopt to support their learning, developing the confidence required to self-regulate and take control of their own progress through the Senior School.

Virtual Admissions

During these unprecedented times, our Admissions team are working remotely and we are still accepting applications for September 2020 and taking registrations for September 2021. Please click here to visit our Virtual Admissions page.

The Embley Experience

At Embley we not only focus on providing an outstanding academic experience, but help children develop into competent, confident and compassionate individuals.