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Pupils across the Prep School have celebrated another insightful Spring Watch Week at Embley. This year, we have been supported by Hampshire Ornithological Society (HOS).

The week began with an assembly by Dr Patricia Brown from HOS, who introduced the children to a variety of nests and nesting habitats. Year 6 looked at the flight of birds and were lucky enough to use a machine designed by NASA (used originally to test flight theory)to launch their own paper birds. The children learned about the different flight patterns of birds as well as the forces that affect a bird in flight. Years 3, 4, and 5 took part in a bird trail around the school’s 130-acre grounds and woodlands and, with the help of experts from HOS, they were able to identify many birds and their birdsong.

The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust visited Year 1 and pupils looked at bird skeletons to try and identify what they would eat by the shape of their beaks. Year 2 made Spring Watch badges, wrote poems about Spring and visited Paultons Park to take part in a workshop about classification of animals.

Reception took part in a nest building competition in the woods. Two teams worked together to collect sticks, twigs, roots, mud and leaves to build their own nests. The children used this week’s learning to choose and discuss different materials. There was some wonderful and enthusiastic work and some important lessons in teamwork and competition.

We are also thrilled to have a little Nuthatch nesting in one of our nesting boxes and pupils are able to view her on our live webcam – pupils from Year 6 will be reporting regularly on her progress through the school’s weekly newsletter to parents.

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