Coronavirus - Covid-19 Update

Virtual Open Morning - Tuesday 16 June and Virtual Admissions


Lilia (Reception)

For trying new sentences and phrases in the writing area.

William (Y1)

For great effort in English this week and for great aptitude with spellings.

Evie (Y2)

For Learning her lines for the Nativity so beautifully and for trying new foods at lunchtime.

Summer (3B)

For the effort she is making in producing beautifully presented written work in all areas of the curriculum.

All of Year 4

For excellent effort and working hard for their assembly this week.

Alicia (5R)

For her beautiful poem about a hunted animal and excellent use of language.

Thomas (5S)

For his contribution to the lesson on life in the trenches and for his letter home on Armistice Day.

Bethanie (5S)

For her fabulous and knowledge on our trip to Beaulieu.

Henry (6M)

For persevering with Maths assessments and tricky long division – with a broken wrist!

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