Veeti (Reception)

For working hard to complete an addition and subtraction colouring challenge.

Toby (1A)

For a good week’s work all round.

Aaryan (2F)

For completing some really tricky Maths challenges, while presenting them so neatly.

Ana Clara (3B)

For confident reading of her poem in her drama lesson.

Felix (4S)

For his fantastic effort in Maths.

Lily (4B)

For writing a fantastic story using ‘ure’ words.

Sidney (5R)

For his wonderful attitude to learning: positive, smiley and polite with beautiful presentation.

Bethanie (5S)

For her effort in proofreading work and for improving the presentation of her work.

Spencer (6M)

For his enthusiastic approach to rugby this term and for some super tackling.

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