Seb (Reception)

For making such fantastic progress with his reading.

Toby (1A)

For working hard to improve his handwriting by starting each letter on the line.

Evie (2F)

For being so fantastic at learning her LAMDA poem and ‘A Thousand Years’ for World Down Syndrome Day.

Sebastian (3B)

For a fantastic diary entry in English and for using Purple Polish to correct his capital letters.

Ollie (3B)

For writing a fantastic diary entry using time connectives, paragraphs and using legible writing.

Siobhan (4B)

For writing a very convincing, persuasive letter encouraging her family to move to space.

Ané (4S)

For her independence of thought in Maths and using her reasoning skills.

Mia (5R)

For her use of ambitious vocabulary in English and her beautiful handwriting.

Lilia (6M)

For her wonderful villain fact file – a super piece of creative writing.

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