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Ayan (Reception)

For writing a brilliant re-tell of The Hungry Caterpillar.

Amelie (1A)

For such a great start with her drum lessons. She is doing amazingly well.

Chris (2F)

For settling in so well at Embley.

Isaac (2F)

For the most incredible week. Isaac has remained focused in all lessons.

Hugo (3B)

For settling well into Year 3 and working hard in all areas of the curriculum.

Amelia (3B)

For fantastic work in Maths this term and for trying really hard in lessons and for making super progress.

Lucas (4B)

For fantastic, beautifully presented, work on coordinates.

Ané (4S)

For continued growth and learning during hockey.

Pia (5S)

For such kindness towards others, helping another child make a costume for ‘World Book Day’.

Zoe (6M)

For her creative approach to her Geography homework on environmental issues in mountain habitats.


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