As part of Humanities Week, our Year 5 and 6 pupils were joined by pupils from Stroud and Walhampton for our inaugural Prep Philosophy, Politics & Economic Conference. Philosopher Simon Blackburn was guest speaker and started the day by asking the children to think about philosophy. Many questions were raised and discussed such as ‘Can pigs fly?’ and ‘What if a pig is in a plane?”

Later in the day, pupils from the three schools took part in a range of exciting and thought provoking activities. The children worked collaboratively and were challenged to think beyond the regular school curriculum.

The children played a trading simulation game and asked why some countries are poor? They completed a moral thought experiment about speeding trains and considered what makes something right or wrong? They also explored their political compass and found out about what the terms left and right wing mean. Finally, they recognised the importance of logical thinking and teamwork by escaping from an Egyptian themed lock in room.

Everyone had a great time sharing their views with each other and were supported by an amazing group of Senior School student ambassadors who helped to run the workshops and accompanied the younger pupils during the day.

Comments from pupils at the end of the day included:

I loved the trading game because there was money involved and I am competitive.” Myrtle

I liked the PPE day, my favourite bit was the trade game because I liked making shapes and trading, it was hard work, but fun!” Beth

My favourite part of the day was the Egyptian themed escape room puzzle, it made me think so much I thought my head would explode.” Alex



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