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A marvellous mathematical day was enjoyed by all on NSPCC Number Day. Prep School children raised a fabulous £144.90 for this important charity by bringing in £1 and ‘Dressing in Digits’. Following a parade to showcase their creative and imaginative costumes, prizes were awarded for each class as follows:

Reception The whole class for coming as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Year 1 Devon in a rainbow coloured Number 1
Year 2 Eva as a black domino
Year 3 Ana Clara wearing velcro Maths games
Year 4

Teigan as a strawberry (one of your five a day!) and Thomas as a 118 character

Year 5

Joshua for his amusing binary t-shirt and Luke for his homemade sports strip

Year 6

Maddison for her superb human calculator

The children had great fun creating a ‘human 2019’ in their House groups and then disappeared into ‘Number Rooms’ under timed conditions to see which house could generate the most ideas linked to a particular number. Much brain power was expended and the results are eagerly awaited.

A big thank you to our parents for their support and congratulations to our winners and to all the children for their wonderful number inspired outfits.

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