Embley Park has a history in Florence Nightingale of inspiring individuals to discover more about Mathematics. Over the course of six Mathematics Masterclasses, our Sixth Form students have worked with the Royal Institution (RI) to bring exciting, surprising and hands-on activities to our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils and children from neighbouring schools.

The Masterclasses included using bubbles to find the shortest path, fractals, designing a tour of a city so you don’t have to see the same sight twice, constructing a magic square, mobius strips and anamorphic art.

When the RI trained our Sixth Form students, they talked about the importance of ‘Wow’ moments and there were plenty of these: that look on a student’s face when something happened that they weren’t expecting or the pride when pupils not only found out something new but then understood why.

Year 5 and Year 6 pupils and our Sixth Formers had to step out of there comfort zones to complete the challenges and although there may be a seven-year gap in ages, everyone shared a passion for Mathematics that let stay with them for a long time.  

It was an amazing experience that gave us an opportunity to not only teach those younger than ourselves but also learn something new. It was an honour to work with such inspiring children who were very interactive and got involved in the activities. It helped us develop our confidence, public speaking skills and gave us an opportunity to convey our passion for Maths on to young children.” (Sixth Form students)

My favourite lecture was on anamorphic art and I learned about lots of things I never knew before.” (Alfie, Year 5) 

I loved creating bubbles. It was fun and interesting to make different shapes of bubbles.” (Mia, Year 5)

My favourite lecture was when we made the Mobius strips with Mrs Ross and Sixth Formers, Painton, Callum and Ares.” (Finn, Year 5)

I really enjoyed it because I learned so much and even if I didn’t understand, immediate help came by the amazing Sixth Formers who led the whole thing.” (Spencer, Year 6) 

My favourite lesson was when we used magic squares because you could take any number and make a magic square out of it. I also liked the anamorphic art where you could hide stuff in a picture and you need to look at a certain angle.” (Joshua, Year 6)

It was fun because you taught us how to make and create different things that worked and were fun to do. Thank you so much I wish you could do it every week.” (Layla, Year 6)

Mr Robert Clare, Head of Mathematics

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