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Preparing for Prep School

From the day a child joins our Nursery, we help prepare them for school. Our children progress through our Caterpillar and Bumblebee Rooms to the Butterfly Room, where we help them transition to a school environment. We encourage a love of learning in all our children through the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and we follow their interests and allow them to become confident and independent in their own abilities.

Our Nursery is situated in our self-contained Early Years Department with easy access to our Prep School facilities and grounds. With Reception class next door, the transition from nursery to school couldn’t be smoother.

“There’s a slick introduction to more formal schooling through the Early Years section of the school. But it’s kept fun for the kids plus it gives the teachers tangible measurements to make sure they are achieving their full potential.”

Muddy Stilettos 2019

Caterpillar Room

At the age of two, our children’s learning adventures begin in the Caterpillar Room. Here, children benefit from a nurturing and caring environment in which they can develop their confidence, and start building independence as well as their personal and social interactions with others. Our caterpillars enjoy Music, PE and Learning Outside the Classroom (LOC) lessons which are taught by our specialist subject teachers. Activities within the room are mainly child-led with adult-led activities being based upon the child’s interests and next steps in their development.

We have a maximum of eight caterpillars per room to ensure that our children have the best individual care and education. Our staff get to know the children well and we build close communication links with parents to ensure continual development. Many children of this age begin to show an interest in toilet training and our staff will support parents in continuing strategies implemented at home, thereby offering the child consistency and familiarity of routine.

Bumblebee Room

When a child enters the Bumblebee Room, they are introduced to our school-wide phonics system, Read Write Inc. in the form of songs and rhymes about the letters. They develop listening and attention skills and number recognition along with taking part in specialist Modern Foreign Languages, Music, LOC and PE lessons.

We play games such as What’s the Time Mister Wolf and Duck Duck Goose to encourage turn-taking and our bumblebees enjoy activities such as dough disco and peg dancing to promote correct pencil grip in preparation for early mark-making. Activities within the room are mainly child-led with adult-led activities being based upon their interests and next steps in their development.

Butterfly Room

In the Butterfly Room, we introduce daily Mathematics and Read Write Inc. phonics lessons which are structured to develop a child’s further understanding of letter sounds and how to segment and blend them into words. Children improve their concentration skills, which involves mindfulness and small group work, and learning through activities of their choosing. They continue to enjoy specialist Modern Foreign Language, PE, LOC and Music lessons as part of our curriculum.

In the Summer term, to help prepare for Reception class, our butterflies are required to attend nursery for a minimum of four full days per week. This enables our children to access more of the learning opportunities on offer across the week and builds their experience of attending a full week in school. Children in Butterfly room regularly attend assemblies with the Prep School and take part in the Prep School performances such as Celebration Day, the Nativity and Christmas shows.

Our Prep School

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