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Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care binds every element of our nursery together. Our close-knit community allows our team to get to know the children really well and quickly identify and respond to their needs and personal and social development.

It also means that parents and carers can develop good relationships with their child’s keyworker through regular contact at drop-off and pick-up times in addition to more formal occasions. We hold parents’ evenings twice a year and use learning journeys to monitor and record progress.

At all times we promote good manners though all rooms and we teach children how to respect others, both adults and their peers. Our golden rules help children to understand what is and is not acceptable:

  1. We are gentle we do not hurt others
  2. We listen and do not interrupt
  3. We work hard
  4. We are kind and helpful
  5. We are honest
  6. We look after things