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On Thursday Year 6 headed to the Senior School to join Year 7 in an interesting event called Model United Nations (MUN) Day, by Finn and Sidney in Year 6.

Head of History, Mr Chinnock, History teacher, Miss McLean and Head Girl, Megan, and many other MUN student helpers joined to experience the activities as well. Our school did this event as part of The National Parliament Week being held around the country.

The children learnt about sustainable living, as well as the main goals of the UN. They learnt how to live a sensible and eco-friendly life. The children took up the jobs of famous politicians for the morning.

At the start, every child was split in to mixed groups, to work with other members. The pupils were given an activity booklet which provided them with information on the UN and Model United Nations. Mr Chinnock introduced the UN to the children, before Megan revealed a slideshow to explain about the goals the UN wanted to complete by 2030.

After this, the students took a quiz to test their knowledge about the UN so far. Many teams got very high scores, and the two winning teams won sweets!

Following the quiz, the children were given another task – this time to design and create a sustainable city for the future.

During the building period, the groups were examined and teamwork was assessed. At the end of the day, the cities were judged by the teachers and student helpers, and the prizes were given out.

This was a brilliant event and we hope it will continue in the future!

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