Coronavirus - Covid-19 Update

Our Year 4 pupils travelled to Portsmouth to visit the Mary Rose Museum. The visit tied in with two topics they are studying as part of this term’s curriculum – the Tudors and Seas & Oceans. What better way to learn about life on board a Tudor ship than to see one in person, and a very famous ship she is?

To dispel some of the myths about Tudor life, and whether or not we are fitter than our ancestors, Year 4 completed a series of activities where they looked at diet and fitness via our skeletons, food and exercise, making comparisons between a Tudor sailor and a person from 2020. 

In the afternoon the children took part in two challenges: one involved them being part of a team that loaded and fired a Tudor canon; the other involved developing a strategy to help the English beat the French (or vice versa) by using castles, ships and maps to help defend, or attack, Portsmouth Harbour in 1545. Fortunately, on this occasion in 2020, a draw was declared between the two sides!

(Banner image courtesy of The Mary Rose Trust)

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