Covid-19: Providing Continuity of Learning

Following the seamless switch to online learning at the start of January, we have launched a new remote learning co-curricular offer this lockdown.

Activities are largely conducted on Microsoft Teams (all pupils from Reception to Year 13 have an Embley Microsoft Teams account). Many are available on a ‘Click & Join’, opt-in basis; the better to support the individual needs and circumstances of our pupils because we recognise families are juggling multiple schedules at home and pupils are experiencing a higher degree of screen time than usual.  

Click & Join clubs include Techtastic STEMStars, Musical Theatre, Drama, Book Club, Radio Station Club, Politics Society, Space & Astronomy, Debating, Song Writing, Coding and GCSE and A Level subject support sessions.

We continue to run our more project-based co-curricular programmes for pupils who had already signed up to an activity before the start of term. These include our Stock Market Investment Club, Embley’s Newspaper Club, Language & Culture Club, our Global Community Project, Orchestra and Scholars’ Society.

Our co-curriculum is an integral aspect of our provision and provides opportunities for pupils to interact with others in different year groups and explore topics beyond the curriculum, so we are keen to offer a range of activities for pupils to engage with.

When pupils are able to return to school, we will revert back to our wide-ranging Spring and Summer term co-curricular schedules.   

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