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With National Science Week approaching, Embley is launching its 2019 STE@M Festival. In 2018 we enlightened and entertained, challenged and ‘chocolated’ from Year 3 through to age 83 with parents and grandparents involved in our challenges. This year we officially stretch the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) title to include the Aesthetic disciplines, hence STEA@M and we have stretched the calendar to cover nearly three weeks of activities!

But we wanted to think bigger thoughts with the 2019 event, global thoughts. The last 12 months have seen shock headlines, traumatic media images, outrageous data reflecting the damage we have been doing to the oceans, our cities and wild, open spaces across the planet with a man-made plague of plastic. Plastic molecules are making their way into the very biology of our cellular existence. We just didn’t see it coming!

The theme that runs through our STE@M Festival is plastics and environmental compassion. To launch our STE@M Festival, we have Blue Planet II marine biologist Dr Jon Copley giving an evening lecture. We have class activities, workshops with specialists, visiting celebrated speakers, weird and wonderful demonstrations, exhibits of the STE@M commitments that form part of our daily school life, new projects, competitions, off-site visits to Oxford and the NEC, field work events, public awareness activities in Southampton, computer coding to reduce retail delivery impact, even a Raku pottery workshop bringing pure art and the chemistry of ceramics into focus. The list goes on! 

On Monday 18th March we will be holding a careers evening at which students from Year 9 and above will be able to hear from a range of experts from the STE@M professions including: the Chief Innovation Officer at IBM UK, a chemical engineer, a geophysics engineer, an acoustic engineer and a transport design and technology engineer, as well as lecturers from Southampton and Winchester universities.  

And there will of course be the STE@M challenge for Prep pupils and their parents, together with Year 8 and 9, who would like to join us at the end of our STE@M activities for the ‘RoboBunny Challenge’.

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