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Virtual Admissions


On Tuesday as part of our Science & Innovation evening, Professor Andy Stanford-Clark, chief technology officer at IBM provided a guest lecture on ‘Innovation begins at home’. This lecture forms part of our Senior School Nightingale Scholarship Society programme and students and parents listened with interest to Andy’s many stories. Will in Year 12 provides a review of the evening…

Andy’s presentation included the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and quantum computers. We learnt many things about what he has accomplished including his programme that tracks the ferries that go to the Isle of Wight and tweets their location, to how artificial intelligence is being used to reduce the cost of heating animal houses at Marwell Zoo, and how AIs vary in three types ranging from, not very smart to the extreme end of having its own will, then we learnt about the development of quantum computers and a little of how they work.

Our A Level Computer Science class found it inspiring and it opened up new career paths that were unknown to us. One student said that “It was very interesting, I’m very glad I went” while another said “I didn’t realise what quantum computing was before I came here, but now this has inspired me to research about this career path.”

As a result of this lecture, we have already accessed the quantum computing website hosted by IBM to start developing our programming skills and would recommend any pupil or parent interested in Computer Science to have a try. We would love to get another opportunity like this again.

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