Covid-19: Providing Continuity of Learning

How many questions does a two year old ask in one day? For busy parents sometimes it can seem like hundreds! Curious children ask, on average, a staggering 73 questions every day.

It is important, therefore, to build on and cultivate this innate curiosity as children transition from Nursery to Reception and then through Prep School. Building character as well as rich knowledge is an integral part of a well-rounded and successful early years education.

An ability to develop key skills and the way children approach problems must be at the core of all we do in early years education. It is certainly an area which I believe in and is an integral part of an Embley education.

Character traits which are developed are many and varied. Some core examples are:

 So in practice what does this look like?

Implicitly assemblies have purposeful messages and points for discussion based around positive character traits. Character is built through daily interactions with peers and teachers; teachers model expectation and good practice and interactions with friends are discussed and reflected upon to build self-awareness, honesty and compassion.

We have a lot to learn from our young people. I am a great advocate of being a bit braver and bolder and taking risks: putting ‘both feet in’ and giving things a go. Also having a growth mindset and thinking I can’t do it…yet, rather than I can’t do it!

So next time you say you can’t, be a bit braver, and think like a two year old; be curious and give it a go; try and embrace life with the innate awe and wonder which we see in abundance in our young people.

After all, we need to model this for our children in order for them to be future ready.

Sheina Wright, Head of Prep School, Embley

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