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There has been great deal in the news recently about the dwindling numbers of pupils taking a language at GCSE. At Embley, we are fortunate to be able to offer two languages to A Level (French and Spanish). This week we were pleased to welcome former pupil Naomi James to observe some lessons before she embarks on a teaching qualification.

Naomi was a pupil at Embley from 2007 to 2014. She then went on to study French and German at the University of Cardiff from where she graduated with a first class honours degree in 2018. Here are Naomi’s thoughts on the importance of language learning:

“French and Spanish were two of my favourite subjects at school. I loved our lessons and our teachers were always so enthusiastic. I found this very inspiring and, after leaving Embley in 2014, I went on to study French and German at Cardiff University. This involved not just language learning, but also exploring the culture, history, politics, literature and many other aspects of French and German society.

As part of my degree, I spent a year abroad at French and German universities which, although challenging at times, was a brilliant experience. The skills I learnt at Embley gave me a lot of confidence when I went to university and I firmly believe that learning a foreign language at school is worthwhile. You develop strong communication skills, have the flexibility to study a wide range of subjects and gain a valuable understanding of other cultures. Languages open so many doors and close none! Your future opportunities are almost endless.”

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