The Hampshire Ornithological Society (HOS) has awarded a Gold Achievement Award for the Prep School’s participation in the charity’s Engaging Young People Programme following our Spring Watch Week.

Every year our Spring Watch features a range of activities for children to explore wildlife and nature. This year, we held a variety of the bird-themed sessions with the HOS which included a bird trail through our amazing grounds, badge making and a session exploring the way that different species of birds fly and their similarities with the way some aircraft are designed.

In classes, a great range of spring activities took place across the curriculum and culminated in an assembly:

The Gold Achievement Award is the highest award that the HOS have ever presented, a real recognition of the wonderful things taking place at Embley.

On presenting the award, Dr Patricia Brown from the Hampshire Ornithological Society, commented: “The depth of knowledge and understanding that pupils gain from the experience is clear from working with them. The school provided a sustained and embedded event celebrating the natural world and Spring.”

“Specifically significant for HOS is the scientific basis for the bird trail with pupils observing through sight and sound and then recording their discoveries – birds and other natural features. Spring Watch Week promotes an interest in and understanding of nature and ornithology,” she added.

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