Coronavirus - Covid-19 Update

Our Model United Nations group has taken on its first simulated UN Security Council Meeting where the creation of an Olympic Truce for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 was discussed.

This was the culmination of a term’s work where the group has found out about the role of the UN, investigated its aims and researched the priorities and needs of different country delegations. Students from Years 8 to 12 represented delegations from France, United States, Russia, South Africa and India. The discussion ranged from active conflicts to potential instabilities and the impact of ceasefires on strategic advantages of different countries. They looked at international relations in the South China Sea and the Middle East and the role of humanitarian aid and peace keeping forces. 

All students remained in character for the duration of the debate and some interesting alignments were made. The discussion was chaired by Mr Chinnock, also in role. The countries were able to agree on humanitarian aid and to move towards trying to secure longer-term lasting peace. They passed a resolution by unanimous vote but were unable to reach a resolution on the mechanisms of delivering aid. Great fun was had by all with a little bit of Easter Bunny diplomacy thrown in for good measure!

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