On Thursday we said goodbye to Mrs Hedges who has been involved with Embley for over 22 years. Most of you will know Mrs Hedges in her role as PA to the Head of Prep.  

Much to her surprise, children and staff at the Prep School arranged a special farewell assembly for Mrs Hedges where she was presented with a ‘Wonder Woman’ sash, a poem written by Year 4 and 6 was read aloud, songs and kind words were shared and a few tears shed. Cards and gifts from children, staff and FoHCS were presented leaving Mrs Hedges overwhelmed and lost for words. 

Once she had recovered from the surprise of her assembly Mrs Hedges shared the following: 

“Embley has been a huge part of my life and there’s not been a day when I haven’t looked forward to coming to school. The colleagues I’ve worked with and children l’ve met over the years have made the job just so amazing, enjoyable and so fulfilling and I am going to miss everyone so much.” 

Although sad to see her leave, we wish Mrs Hedges all the very best as she moves into her new house eagerly awaiting the arrival of her first grandchild. 

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