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Embley’s Prep School took part in a national times table competition called ‘Rock Out 2019’. Out of 3,000 schools across the UK that took part (including secondary schools), Embley came fourth!

For a whole week, pupils answered times tables questions on their iPads or in the ICT room. Out of the 3,000 schools that took part (including secondary schools) Embley came fourth. Every correctly answered question earned a point and helped to boost the school’s average. Prep School children from Year 3 to 6 took part and we are delighted to announce the following results:

Out of 26,000 classes in the UK, one Embley Year 6 class came ninth and one Embley Year 5 class came tenth! Out of a staggering 400,000 children, Finn from Year 6 achieved seventh position and Connor from Year 5 achieved thirteenth position: an incredible accomplishment on both their parts.

Congratulations to all the children who made huge leaps in their times tables fluency this week and were awarded certificates for their improved speeds. Those achieving ‘Most Improved’ were Evie and Christopher (Year 3), Jessica and Freddie (Year 4), Isabella and Felix (Year 5) and Poppy and Amy (Year 6).

Prep School teacher Mrs Ross commented: “We are so proud of the enthusiasm and commitment demonstrated by all the children and thrilled at the success they have achieved whilst having so much fun.”

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