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After just three weeks, pupils at the Embley Archery Club are showing great promise at mastering this ancient art.

Archery training in schools is one of continuous improvement which concludes with the students achieving a good standard of archery. The Embley co-curricular sessions are based on learning and improving skills and instructor Martin Oakley, a county level coach from Southampton Archery Club, is on hand to give his pupils plenty of motivation and encouragement.

In week one the group covered stance and posture and in the second week covered the anchor point on the face. Despite being one of hardest items to achieve, all the pupils mastered this very quickly.

As part of the sessions, Martin runs a small competition involving the students shooting 36 arrows to achieve a minimum score of 252 at certain distances. On achieving this, students receive awards that are recognised by Archery GB. Students who show aptitude and commitment will be given advice regarding their development and encouraged to join a club, with further encouragement to progress to representation at county level.

Martin commented: “The students are all showing great potential. The majority have never shot before. I am delighted to say this standard of shooting is above average level. How encouraging would it be to have our first student represent Hampshire Junior team?”

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