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By Emily, Genevieve and Harry  

Last week, Years 12 and 13 travelled down to Swanage for their annual team building trip. On arrival at Swanage, we were briefed on what our weekend would entail – they failed to mention how exhausting and thrilling our activities would be!

After a quick lunch and introduction to our accommodation, we left for the water park – a bumpy 10 minute drive away. The first challenge was heaving ourselves into tight wetsuits, which was harder than it sounds. The water park began as a tentative clamber over the course but soon newly found friends decided to run the gauntlet against each other in an effort to be the last man standing!  

After a fun few hours, we travelled back to the centre and enjoyed playing basketball and pool before dinner. The following morning, we were woken by the sound of music. A quick breakfast and we were whisked away to ‘Dancing Ledge’ for a morning of coasteering. It was a rewarding but tiring experience; everyone did spectacular jumps off the highest rock and we swam back to the shore satisfied. 

Whilst some coasteered, some chose to rock climb. As we arrived, we were expecting your everyday climbing wall that takes two minutes to complete and that would be that. But much to everyone’s surprise, we were taken to the seaside cliffs for an amazing climbing experience at Hedbury.

Enjoying a few moments of rest, we sat in the sunshine at the top of the cliff and ate our lunch with the local lizards before orienteering back to the final pickup point.

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