Coronavirus - Covid-19 Update

Year 8 students enjoyed an exciting and enriching day the Arts University Bournemouth. To complement their current Art project on vorticism, the students visited an exhibition on ‘Dazzle and the Art of Disruption’ looking at how design, line and pattern were used by the British Navy as a form of defence in World War II.

Although called camouflage, dazzle design was intended not to conceal a ship but to confuse and disrupt the outline of it, making it hard for enemies to establish the size, speed and direction of a vessel. Students looked around the exhibition (including having fun trying on military uniforms!) and gathered information to take back to school for their projects.

The creative outcome from the day was a collaborative 3D pyramid sculpture decorated with dazzle patterns designed by the students. We look forward to seeing how this gallery experience enriches and influences the students art work back at school.

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