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Year 10 History and Politics pupils discuss issues around Black Lives Matter, June 2020.
‘Peaceful or violent protests: which are more effective?’ by Anahi

At the moment there are lots of protest going on, some of which are similar to the 1960s and others are completely different. There are many peaceful protests at the moment with marches, posters being made, social media support and minutes of silence. A lot of people are speaking up in their own way, that is whether they make a speech or chant during a march, or they make social media posts and raising awareness and support for the movement.

However, there are also violent protest methods that are happening, similar to the sorts of thing that Malcolm X would talk about in his speeches. There are some people looting shops, homes and other business. Some people are using Molotov cocktails to set fire to cars and buildings. Another example of the current violent protest methods is the removal of the statue of Edward Colston who was a slave trader. Protestors pulled down the statue and threw it in the river. MPs were calling the protester ‘thugs and criminals’.

There are pros and cons of peaceful protesting methods and violent methods. With violent methods there is a chance that someone could get hurt or killed and it could actually end up damaging the progress of the movement. However, even after all of the peaceful protest that took place in the 1960s with the sit-ins and boycotting, there is still racism happening today. And when the protestors take drastic action such as the statue in Bristol than there is always a lot of media that will follow and the movement will immediately get more attention. It is always hard to distinguish between what makes a difference and what is right.

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