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Field trips resumed at the start of the Autumn term and, in glorious sunshine, our Year 13 biologists completed two days of ecology fieldwork on the coast and in the New Forest to apply statistical tests to real data whilst completing one of their required practical tasks.

The group initially studied succession on the sand dunes at Studland Bay. This investigation involved using a line transect to record the changes in the plant community from the seashore to the climax community. The students had the opportunity to measure different abiotic factors and then to decide which factors they wanted to study. The height of sand sedge on either side of a yellow dune will be used to complete a T-test and Spearman’s Rank will be used to determine the correlation between the percentage of humus content and distance from the sea.

Fresh water ecology was the subject of day two and involved the students choosing to study the effect of flow rate on the abundance of water mites in Brockenhurst. The students also became experts in dodging ducks and catching fish! 

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