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We recently extended a warm welcome to staff and nursing students from Tarleton State University (TSU), Texas on an annual visit arranged by the University, to discover the history of nursing.

The visit to Embley Park (and nearby St Margaret’s Church) forms an important part of the trip’s itinerary as students are able to gain a deeper understanding of the life of Florence Nightingale. 

After the trip, TSU Manager Ms Cheryl Hunter commented: “Being able to bring nursing students to visit the family home of Florence Nightingale is an invaluable experience.  Nurses know of Florence and the basics of her story, but few know her and truly understand what she did and what she gave up to do it. She came from wealth and privilege which the house at Embley represents. When the students see it, they understand better her great sacrifice to a cause she believed was her calling. It is not often you get to stand in a place where the history of the world changed. Embley is such a place.  Florence Nightingale is truly a hero. Her work has and will continue to save innumerable lives. Visiting her home and hearing her story inspires nurses to be better and do better.” 


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