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Digital & Remote Learning

The launch of our class-leading Digital Learning Strategy in 2017 to support and extend teaching and learning across Embley could not have foreseen the arrival of Covid-19 or the impact of the measures to counter its spread, but it ensured that Embley was well placed to ensure continuity of learning for our pupils during these unprecedented times. We stand ready to revert to remote learning, if required, and to ensure our pupils continue to attain highly across every subject, whatever the future holds.

In March 2020, alongside the concerted efforts of pupils, parents and staff, we ensured a seamless transition from classroom-based instructional delivery to remote learning and this continued until all pupils were able to return to Embley. All pupils responded positively to our high expectations of them and the etiquette required for remote lessons.

Our remote learning provision includes:

  • live lessons and teacher-pupil interactions via videoconferencing,
  • remote guidance and instruction,
  • routine and structure by maintaining the school timetable,
  • access to effective, sustainable and reliably available supporting materials and
  • tutor time, assemblies and tailored help and support for every child. 

“Despite the tricky climate, you have delivered a comprehensive and varied education – the children have remained engaged and positive throughout. When I hear the teachers chatting away the children via Teams, they make it feel so personal.”

Senior School parent, June 2020

Embley’s Digital Learning Strategy

Our Digital Learning Strategy (shortlisted for the Tes Independent School Awards for Best Use of Technology) is firmly grounded on solid research and pedagogy. Technology at Embley is not a substitute but an enabler and accomplice to successful learning. It sits firmly within the context of our three guiding principles of academic ambition, belief and compassion.

All pupils from Reception to Year 13 are provided with an Embley iPad for the duration of their studies.  

Our strategy is based around the use of three main tools and supported by the use of subject specific apps.  

Digital Learning Spaces

This ever evolving and expanding resource will provide our pupils with easy access to teacher-curated digital content – a digital textbook – be it during lessons, exam revision or at home. Pupils will be given a password to access the Digital Learning Spaces when outside the school network.


This tool will allow teachers to set and keep track of work. It will also enable pupils to submit work and receive feedback in various formats, including voice commentary. Sparkjar is used primarily when the work that needs to be done is in digital format, otherwise ordinary exercise books are used. Think of Sparkjar as a digital exercise book.

Microsoft Office 365

All staff and pupils have access to Microsoft’s full suite of Office tools, including very familiar ones such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Outlook, but also some less familiar ones such as Sway, OneDrive and OneNote. Combined, these resources provide our staff and pupils with a powerful cloud storage solution that facilitates file sharing and communication.

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