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At the start of the Summer term, Year 12 students were invited to apply for the roles of Head Girl and Head Boy for the next academic year. Students had to write a letter of application and attend two interviews with members of the Senior Leadership Team before making a speech in Assembly to all Senior School students.

All students and members of staff were then given the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidates and the final decision was announced last week. We are very pleased to welcome Megan and Gabriel to the roles of Head Girl and Head Boy for the next academic year.

Megan and Gabriel will represent Embley at school and community events as well as services at Romsey Abbey. They will lead the Student Council and speak at open mornings to prospective families as well as act as role models for all our children across the school.

“As Head Girl, a large focus for me will be getting the prefect team more involved from the ground. We will be looking at a pupil mentoring system which allows older pupils to mentor the younger pupils. Other focuses for me will be encouraging student leadership and continuing to focus on student wellbeing within school,” said Megan. Gabriel added: “Ordinary people can do extraordinary things when part of a collective working together.”

Mr Canning would like to thank Clemmie and Hal for their outstanding efforts during this year as Head Girl and Head Boy. 

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